Staying Afloat

Mishaps occur in seakayaking, but what you do and how well you are prepared can mean a difference between enjoying a brief time on the water or going home, continuing a journey in comfort or discomfort,  or worse: life and death.

Whether you lose you hatch cover on the way to the put in, forgot it or lost it on the water, these few simple and compact items should be carried with you at all times. Or if you developed a leak in your hull, and gorilla tape might not be the answer, again, you’ll be forced to try other things.  Consider these items part of your “A Kit”, an item you bring with everywhere.


Flotation bags, commonly used in whitewater craft or Skin-On-Frame kayaks, are used to occupy space that unwanted water would. If your kayak is taking on water and there isn’t time to do a proper repair, these will keep your boat buoyant.




Two of them nested side by side will displace most of the water. Their long tubes make it easy to inflate while afloat.






IMG_20131009_170732_795 (1)


Emergency hatch covers needn’t be complicated or costly. Try an inexpensive nylon spray skirt along with a piece of bungy cord with a slip knot. This one applies in less than a minute. It’s not ultra resilient, but quick and easy. It’s a bonus when any piece of equipment can do double duty.







All of these items will fit into…




…a nice little pouch the size of a litre bottle; nice and neat, and the contents are visible from the outside.


Simple! Easy! Fast!


Train for the worst; Hope for the best.