2015 Alaska Sea Camp – Michelle’s Story

Greentop Cabin to White Sulfur Springs

On Thursday our group decided we would go on a journey to White Sulfur Hot Springs. We split into two groups to work on leadership. I lead one group and Bernie led the other group. It is about a 12 mile paddle each direction. My group consisted of Ryan, Sharell, Aaron, Mike and me. We left the cabin about 9 packed lunch, snacks and some safety gear. We were fairly isolated so we were unable to get a weather forecast. It was a cloudy day and the winds were blowing about 8-12 mph. We paddled straight into the wind making for a bit of a challenging paddle. The waves were around 2-2.5 feet depending on where we were.  It was a beautiful paddle past large and small islands and large bays. We saw whales in the distance. The scale of the land to the chart was hard to correlate at first, after a few bays it got easier.

We did a rocky landing at the springs grabbed our swim suits and food and headed to the springs. The building was beautiful. The forest service had rebuilt it a couple years ago it has sky lights and sliding doors that open to the ocean. It was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. We were in the middle of nowhere sitting in a beautiful building enjoying a beautiful view with great company!

There is a Forest Service cabin behind the hot springs that a nice family was staying in. They built us a fire, gave us freshly baked cookies and fresh King Salmon to take home for supper. They were a little worried about the wind and even offered to shuttle us back. We grateful and said we were sure we could make it back. We enjoyed our time at the hot springs but needed to start heading back to Greentop.

We had following seas on the way back to the cabin; they made the paddle much faster but took a little getting used to for some.

That evening we had fresh Salmon with Corn Chowder Soup. I think it was the best meal we had all week!

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