2015 Alaska Sea Camp – Fred’s Story

I am not much at story telling but here are some notes for the Alaska trip.


DSCN0160I was concerned about the boats we had. They were dirty, hatch covers were loose of
missing. We had to insert a fabric between hatch covers and the boat to hold the cover in
place. Skegs were missing or not functional. However, the tsunami boats had ample storage.
Ryan mentioned that he was impresses with our ability to paddle with out the skegs.
Upon arrival at GTC we were greeted by squatters who had moved into out cabin. Jeff you did a super job with the evection. I really thought we would be sleeping in tents.

The most painful memory here was the discovery of hundreds of multi colored bumpers
well inland from our position. The ultra slippery rocks made it impossible to walk the 100
yards or so to the bumper crop of bumpers. With the slime on the rocks the usual walk awayfrom the group to pee was forgone and we operated on the honor system. Taking
advantage of the rocks we were in.
Another awakening was the bark of the giant sea lion as I passed. Didn’t see him on the rock until after the loud bark. I made a left turn out to sea immediately. He scared me! Thought for a moment that he was coming into the water. Scary.

Paddling 30 miles two days in a row was a treat. The last day Ryan was playing in the swells and encouraged me to participate. I did not even consider his request. My kayak was going left then right,but never straight forward. My energy level was in the red. I wanted out of the boat.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I loved every minute.


P.S. During the paddle to hot springs (best bath in the world) I had a whale surface in front
of me. Seconds later another surfaced just to my stern. I didn’t see that one but the noise
incredible. I lost two little drops of pee.

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