2015 Alaska Sea Camp – Hoonah re-visited

DSCN0210We arrived back to hoonah and began the sorting and cleaning of our gear.



DSCN0211 (1024x768)

Our lodging for our final night was a neatly finished room. We each found a place in the room that had clean, varnished floors. Plenty of room to spread out hang and sort our gear and begin drying gear. Some used the washer and drier as others found places to shower throughout the town.


“We got to the restaurant dressed in the base layers we had been wearing for most of the trip. The waitress nonchalantly slipped open a few windows, I guess a week in the same cloths will do that for you.” -Mike


DSCN0212 (1024x768)Our activities of organinizing were quickly curtailed to eat dinner. The restaurant across the street was held open for us by Ryan.

Everybody slept very well that night.



Breakfast was at the same restaurant, and we all managed to stagger in at different times. Our most notable early riser in the group, slept late on the last day. Another beautiful sunny day in Alaska gave us a chance to dry out our gear in the parking lot.

DSC01036 (1024x576)With little time to waste, we load the van (several trips required) and shuttle gear and people to the airport. Here is our final view of Hoonah as we wrap up our journey.



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