2015 Alaska Sea Camp – Introduction

Trip review of the Journey to Alaska by the members of:

 Inland Sea Kayakers

This adventure began as good reviews and stories we had heard, of a previous trip Ryan had led. As told by other club members who participated, it sounded like something that had to happen on a club level. Katie started the conversation with Ryan about running this trip for the club and it quickly evolved.

“I’d like to say how happy I am that I got to participate in the Alaska adventure. I had been hoping to find a big trip. This was right opportunity. I didn’t have any ocean experience and knew that wasn’t in my favor.  I’d trained hard locally and did the best I could, but didn’t know if that would be enough. Well, I did get to join the trip and was very pleased.” -Mike-

This was ISK’s 3rd ocean trip as a club event. As a kayaker in the Midwest, it’s difficult to become an ocean paddler; distance, cost and lack of experience opportunities become limiting factors. Of course, there are many other ways to gain these experiences. The ISK instructors who have these skills and experience, share their passion and help to build the skills of club members in a fashion that allows them to grow incrementally and not get in over their heads. Follow the club calendar and events, or seek a qualified instructor if your goals are to have these types of kayaking experiences.


Because this trip was advanced and held many different challenges, I have written several pages to cover the whole trip. I hope you’ll enjoy the stories and photos. Participants were also invited to provide reports also, which will be included. At the bottom of every page, there is a photo album for each segment of the story being told.

A very Special Thank you to the participants for their write ups and photos shared here.

2015 Alaska Sea Camp

Table of Contents

  1. Intro (current page)
  2. The Players
  3. Preparation
  4. Travel from Home to Hoonah, Alaska
  5. Travel from Hoonah, Alaska to Greentop Cove
  6. Green top Cove and White Sulfur Springs
  7. Skills and Instruction
  8. Journey from Greentop Cove to Hoonah, Alaska
  9. Hoonah again, return home
  10. Conclusion

I want to give thanks to the club, Inland Sea Kayakers, for their support of this trip, providing it’s members diverse pathways to explore the individual’s kayak interests and it’s support of its instructors, who continue striving to show club members how to explore and achieve these pathways.

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