2014-08 Where Water Meets Land (Level 2)

This was Part 2 of our rock gardening class that occurred in August, 2014 for 5 participants. Based out of Little Sand Bay in the Apostle Islands we built upon the skills learned in Level 1 Class. 2014 HERE or 2013 HERE

IMGP0717 (1024x576)Maneuvering in tight spaces, landings on different, challenging spots, surfing small waves, sloshing around in different ways became the fun for the weekend. But we tried to focus on a feature and ‘nail it’ before we attacked it from a different angle or moved on to the next one; the idea was to build a skill set that could be tapped in to in the future. Moving on meant a quick paddle to the next spot without dawdling, as these were more advanced and experience paddlers; paddling point to point wasn’t the mission.

Long days and hard work left folks pretty tired by the third day, but enthusiasm remained high, continually looking for the next challenge.

Guest writer Bernie Graham wrote a review. Read Bernie’s review HERE

2014-08 Where Water Meets Land Level 2