2013-09 BCU 3 Star Training for Midwest Club

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Nine members of the Inland Sea Kayakers had an opportunity to have BCU 3 Star training by featured coach, John Carmody, this past Labor day weekend.


As a BCU Level 5 Sea Coach (the highest rating in sea kayaking), John Carmody brings a wealth of hard earned and highly revered knowledge along with an understanding of student needs and desires. Weave in compassion for his students and a love for the sport, bring him to the student’s home waters and you get a perfect recipe for learning and growth. To learn more about John and his kayak company, visit his website Sea Cliff Kayakers.

IMGP0056The training occurred in our own back yard (so to speak) of the beautiful Apostle Islands. It was also John’s first episode on Lake Superior.




IMGP0033Headquartering in Little Sand Bay, allowed us to have our on land instruction near the put in location. On land classes were incremental on a day to day plan: students learned a little about weather one day and a little bit more about it the next day. As it turned out, a brief review of navigation was all that was necessary.

John was impressed with the level of skills the students brought in to the class, saying it was obvious they were receiving a solid foundation through the club they belong to.

Like last year, this program filled quickly; people heard about the class held in 2012 and wanted to get on board, bringing their skills up to the next level. In the Midwest region, one of the challenges of getting higher level training along with an appropriate environment is the expense of travel and lodging, so we bring in a high caliber coach to a local environment that lends itself well to the skill level.

Here are some of the comments we received from the survey:

 IMGP0052“We were fortunate to have some conditions. for us Lake Superior is the place and conditions let us really work on skills”




“I appreciated the pacing of our time on the water based on a 3 day class.”

“I like the fact we didn’t do a check list approach to covering the syllabus, but worked with the conditions as presented. Lots of the checklist we cover in other classes I have taken. I was pleased I got to practice new material and surfing, instead.”






IMGP0026“I was impressed that Carmody gave lots of individual feedback throughout the day.”




“John was great. a very nice guy, who also inspired confidence and his individual work and support were great.”

“I am pleased that I can get this caliber of training for a minimum investment of travel time.”

“It’s a reasonable cost for bringing in a coach of this caliber.”


“It was a great weekend! Thanks Michelle and Jeff for the fun weekend! I felt good after this weekend and have a great list to work on to start towards my 4 star. John is an awesome coach and I’m glad you brought him in. I see why you like him so much. Aaron and I are hoping to take more from him in the future!
Thank you again!”



“Fun weekend and nice to get to know John and his teaching style. It turned out very well and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend.

“It’s nuts that we have all these great opportunities right here in the Midwest.”


Full reviews here:

Sharell Benson

Dick Roles

p&hI’d like to give special thanks to Kelly Blades, Midwest Guy P&H Sea Kayaks for helping make arrangements for a loaner kayak for John…


logo…and Jerome Rausch, of Midwest Mountaineering for the loan of the Scorpio.



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