About SKS

Hello sea kayak enthusiasts!

Welcome to Sea Kayak Safety, The Awareness, Training, Education and Resource Center for sea kayak safety.

This site focuses on safety issues and topics pertaining mostly to sea kayaking, but also with lessons to be drawn from that can be applicable for all outdoor recreation sports.

Awareness – current issues and topics that kayakers need to be aware of.

Training and Education – course offerings ranging from, group and individual kayak instruction, as well as highly recommended outside offerings at symposiums, instructors and other organisations.

Resource Center – a clearing house for resources

I created this blog as a space for Sea Kayakers to collect information on safety issues specific to sea kayaking. I am deeply interested in the safety of sea kayakers (and all outdoor enthusiasts), and love to bring my skills, talent, training and knowledge to them in a perspective of their sport.

Although the information presented may mostly be in the context of sea kayaking, many folks from other outdoor recreation sports will gain from this site.