Survival Kit


Within my “B” kit is my “Survival Kit”. This is what some folks would call a bail out bag. Because the name “bail out bag” has connotations that you would grab this bag and abandon everything else, I call it a “Survival Kit”; I hope to never abandon everything else. This kit isn’t going to keep you alive throughout a harsh Alaska winter, but it does have enough junk to keep you slightly more comfortable than having nothing at all. Multiple means of signalling for help, multiple means of starting fire, multiple means of staying warm and dry, multiple means of lighting your way in the dark and just a small amount of food, .

This collection of equipment should fit neatly into a clear and small 5L dry bag. The clear bag speeds the process of selecting what you need before dumping the whole contents out.

When sending members of your party for help, a notebook and pencil work great to write instructions from impending help, or writing down information useful to a rescue agency, such as: your location, your needs, how many people are with you and equipment you have at your disposal.

  • 5 L Clear Drybag
  • Caribiner
  • Aerial Flare
  • SmokeFlare
  • Road Flare
  • Dye
  • Mirror
  • Horn
  • Paper/Pencil
  • Parachute cord
  • Mylar space Blanket
  • Plastic Poncho
  • Lighter
  • Matches
  • Fire Starter
  • Candle stub
  • Sierra Cup
  • Tea
  • Candy
  • Energy Bar
  • Flash Light and spare lamp
  • Cyalume light stick