upcoming: BCU training featuring John Carmody


I need you to reply to me ASAP if you are interested.

I’m trying to gauge interest in the continuation of this event:

For the last three years Michelle and I have hosted a BCU Level 5 coach to come to our club during Labor Day weekend at Little Sand Bay to conduct BCU 3 Star training. For the past two years, John Carmody has been here to conduct this course. Many club members have taken this course and used these skills to launch their kayaking to another level.

There are other possibilities of other skills he can teach beyond the syllabus. There is also the thought that we can move this event to John’s home waters and make it a combination 3-4 Star level training.

John has been an excellent coach for our club, bringing his skills and talents to us. His relaxed and laid back approach create a comfortable style of learning while at the same time impressing upon his students the ability to achieve high standards and skills.

Follow the above links to see if these skills and standards are what you have in mind to expand your skills to match your dreams.

Write to me ASAP what your interests may be; John is currently building his schedule.

1) continue this curriculum at the same location (BCU 3 Star training at Little Sand Bay Lake Superior, Bayfield Wisconsin

2)Skills training beyond CU 3 star

3) BCU 3-4 Star training in Boothbay Harbor, Maine